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Do you want more confidence, joy or success?

Are you looking to change a habit or get unstuck?


At Breakthrough Hypnotherapy & Coaching you will get desired results and resolve issues that are getting in your way. Step on this holistic path of healing and self-empowerment today!

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At Breakthrough Hypnosis and Coaching powerful techniques are helping people reach their goals. The conscious mind sets goals and the subconscious mind either helps or hinders one’s success. Hypnosis identifies and releases blocks that reside in the subconscious. During the comfortable, natural state of hypnosis and with the guidance of coaching, you will obtain positive transformation. Whether you want to lose weight, release fear, or improve your life in other ways, you have come to the right place.


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Denise is a gifted coach and hypnotherapist. Working with her has given me tools to deal with my emotional pain when it is activated. My overall well-being has increased and Denise’s support has shown me how to live in the flow and step into my power, something that has been very challenging in the past. Hiring Denise as a coach and hypnotherapist is one of the most worthwhile investments I have ever made in myself.” — Laura R

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