Hypnosis and coaching sessions can be done via phone, Skype, or in person at the West Seattle Healing Studio. Energy work is only done in person. Our West Seattle studio is in a peaceful, retreat setting, with free parking, close to downtown Seattle.  

Call 206-607-7251  for a complimentary consultation

Hypnotherapy, Life Coaching, and Energy Work

Individual sessions, packages and programs range from $80 to $2500. Call today to discover the program that fits your needs and budget.

Cancellation Policy:  Please provide 24 hour cancellation notice.


I went into hypnotherapy somewhat skeptical, thinking I was not a good candidate for hypnosis. My hypnotherapy sessions delivered surprising results.  What I found is, it is our subconscious that comes to the surface and gives us answers we need.  I was able to release anger and fear regarding a difficult divorce with Denise’s gentle guidance.  I am now in a much better place, living in my dream house.  I directly relate it to me being more open to the universe in a way I was not before my sessions.”  — Amy G

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