“I started coaching a year ago with Denise and my whole life has improved. With Hypnosis I have lost over 30 pounds and with Denise’s inspiring and nurturing approach, I managed to step out of fear and now have a new job and a new relationship. When I first went to see her I was overwhelmed with despair. I highly recommend you go see her today.” — Emily J

“The work I did with Denise Johnson was transformational – such deep work could not have been possible without her safe and gentle guidance.  I can confidently recommend her to anyone wanting insight into their life.” – Lorraine K.

“Denise is an amazing life coach.  Denise has helped my fine tune my business plan, as well as increase my awareness of personal traits that support or hinder my success.  Denise has more than just experience, curiosity and skill, needed to guide individuals to success, she has heart…” – Anna W.

“Working with Denise has been invaluable.  I have gained much needed clarity and momentum in my life….  Denise is exceptional at offering support while pushing you to see and move past your blind spots.” -TL

I have been seeing Denise for over a decade and I would without a doubt, highly recommend her! She has been an enormous boon to my health and well-being. Her energy work is powerful and each time I come away, after seeing Denise, I feel renewed! Without a doubt she is a gifted, intuitive practitioner.” -Nancy G.

“After just one hypnotherapy session with Denise I was able to shift and create new habits, while letting go of old one’s that were keeping me unhealthy. Her intuitive and warm rapport make’s one instantly comfortable in her presence. Denise has a gift and I am so glad I found her.”             -Jenny M.

“I started coaching with Denise after a bad breakup. I was frustrated about my weight, love-life, and job. Denise is positive. She is incredibly encouraging and meets me where I am at. We discuss practical steps to move me forward. It is powerful!  She helps me gain clarity and provides me with useful strategies to unlock my brain and move me towards my goals. When I am working with Denise she is 100% focused on me and that allows me to do the same.” — Lisa H

I went into hypnotherapy somewhat skeptical, thinking I was not a good candidate for hypnosis. My hypnotherapy sessions delivered surprising results.  What I found is, it is our subconscious that comes to the surface and gives us answers we need.  I was able to release anger and fear regarding a difficult divorce with Denise’s gentle guidance.  I am now in a much better place, living in my dream house.  I directly relate it to me being more open to the universe in a way I was not before my sessions.”  — Amy G

” Recently having lost my wife of 49 years I was referred to Denise Johnson for Hypnotherapy. True to what I have been told Denise is a warm, caring, intelligent and sensitive practitioner. Her casual demeanor and soft voice immediately set the tone for our interview and subsequently the relaxed treatment that followed. After having three sessions with Denise, I feel I have unmasked emotional barriers that allow me to confront the issue of loss. It has been an amazing experience.”  — Dr. Ed F.

“I worked with Denise prior to going into the hospital for a serious back surgery.  I wanted to work on healing quickly and becoming pain free. The surgery was over 4 hours and I was in the hospital for 4 nights. When I started physical therapy after 4 weeks, the therapist said I was in the 90th percentile as far as other patients that she had seen after surgery.  I am a 68 year old female. I would highly recommend Denise.” -Loretta J.

“Denise helped clarify my goals and I have seen major changes in my life and business since working with her.” -Cy K.

“Denise is brilliant, she has a gift with this medicine! My sessions with her have each time changed the dynamics I was struggling with in my life to insight and flow. She has helped me to facilitate a different relationship with my own guidance system and intuition. I find this process to be even more effective than psychotherapy in recognizing the roots of issues and utilizing their life force for transformation.” Meg F.

 Hypnosis with Denise was so helpful! …I have been able to lose 40 pounds and keep it off! Denise is amazing and skilled at what she does.” -Mary Beth S

“Denise is a gifted coach and hypnotherapist. Working with her has given me tools to deal with my emotional pain when it is activated. My overall well-being has increased and Denise’s support has shown me how to live in the flow and step into my power, something that has been very challenging in the past. Hiring Denise as a coach and hypnotherapist is one of the most worthwhile investments I have ever made in myself.” — Laura R
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